Wednesday, December 13, 2017
As the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) halts an initial coin offering (ICO) in San Francisco-based Munchee Inc., a blockchain-based food review service that sought to raise $15 million, SEC Chairman Clayton has issued a statement on the cyptocurrency and ICO markets for 'Main Street'.
The digital currency market's value has risen more than 2,500% this year. What will it do next?
Is there hope for the work-life equation, or is it time to let it go?
Looking ahead, 2018 should be another year for growth. So I look around and ask, what could endanger that? I think the biggest risk is central bank policy error.
Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs, have now become a potent force in the day-to-day life of investment markets and investors. An ETF is a security that trades on a stock exchange like a stock, but it is not an operating business. It is a portfolio of securities...
A few months ago, a friend of mine was reflecting about finishing up his masters degree in social work. He wasn’t so much worried about finding a job, but more concerned that he was really considering all of the opportunities available to him. Should he try to...
Why AI, machine learning and other technology advancements aren’t all bad for society, and how established financial institutions can learn to innovate.
For the looking to carry just one rewards credit card, here is a list of the best credit cards for everyday use.
Since 1989, FICO credit scores, those developed by Fair Isaac, have been commercially available for lenders to use in their risk assessment processes – to help them approve and deny applications. VantageScore credit scores, meanwhile – developed by VantageScore Solutions – have been commercially available for lenders since 2006. The two scoring...
SEC Chairman Jay Clayton furthered the agency's stance that whether or not a particular offering constitutes a security depends on the facts and circumstances of the case, plus gave the first indication of its stance on so-called utility tokens.
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