Shooting at Calif. School Leaves Multiple Victims and a ‘Number of Students’ Hospitalized

A shooting Tuesday morning at an elementary school in Rancho Tehama, California, left multiple victims, PEOPLE confirms.

The shooting, which apparently began at another location in Rancho Tehama about 8 a.m. then “evolved to multiple victims and multiple shots” at the local elementary school, a Tehama County, California, sheriff’s deputy said during a makeshift news conference later Tuesday.


The suspected gunman was killed by responding law enforcement, the deputy said, citing preliminary information. The shooter was not further identified.

The sheriff’s deputy said he knew of “at least three deaths” in the shooting, though it was not clear if that number included the suspect. The deputy said he did not have other information about the shooting victims, including the total number of dead or wounded and how many of them were children.

“A number of students” had been taken to the hospital, he said, and about 100 law enforcement personnel were working at least five scenes in connection with the shooting.

The school has been cleared and the attending students were taken to a safe location, he said.

In tears, the deputy said, “It’s a very sad day for us here in Tehama County.”

Further details about the victims or the nature of the shooting were not immediately available.

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Source : People